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Kieran Peasley

Game Designer



screenshot 2019-05-02 01.21.13-rp4jhjar.
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Scarf Cats is a co-op adventure game where you and a friend work together to solve puzzles and traverse the world, all while tied together by a scarf! Kit and Grandma go to meet Grandpa for a picnic, but he's all the way on the top of the mountain! Tied together by the scarf Grandma is knitting for Kit, they flip levers, jump gaps, solve puzzles and climb the mountain to get to Grandpa!

This game was a semester long capstone project made in MSU's  Game Design and Development minor. As Lead Designer I managed the other designers on the team, ensuring everyone had assigned tasks and were making consistent progress. I also handled level design, white-boxing the levels and preparing them for assembly by the artists, and puzzle design, designing and helping prototype puzzles and placing them within the world. To a lesser extent, I worked with the teams programmers on the character controllers and the camera in the early stages of the project.

Scarf Cats

Roles: Lead Designer

Team Size: 9

Development Time: January 2019 - May 2019

Platform: PC/Mac


Scarf Cats was the winner of the Audience Choice and Best in Show awards at MSU's 2019 game showcase. 



Roles: Lead Designer, Lead Artist, Programmer

Team Size: 4

Development Time: August 2018 - December 2018

Platform: HTC Vive


Mechalangelo is an asymmetric, local-multiplayer VR game in which one player uses the HTC Vive to take on the role of Mechalangelo, a giant mechanized painter who wants to remake the universe in his image. The other player uses an Xbox 360 gamepad to control a small weaponized glider, and is tasked with defeating Mechalangelo in a 1-on-1 fight.

This game was a semester long project made in MSU's Game Design and Development minor. For this project I focused mainly on the design and balancing of both player's combat mechanics, ensuring both players had a unique, entertaining, and fair experience. I also dabbled in 3D art for this project, creating the character and environment assets.

Island Saver is a mobile endless-runner designed for Michigan State Federal Credit Union with the goal of engaging children and utilizing stealth learning design methods to teach them basic concepts of financial literacy. Players can choose between different monsters to take on their runs to collect coins which can be saved to collect interest, or spent in the shop on customization items.

I was responsible for helping design and prototype the game's core loop and as well as its character movement systems in early stages of the project, as well as helping with multiple presentations to MSUFCU on the game's direction and state of development.

Screenshot (47).png
Screenshot (48).png

Island Saver

Roles: Designer

Team Size: 12

Development Time: May 2018 - May 2019

Platform: Android/iOS


Screenshot (50).png
Screenshot (57).png

When Rivers Were Trails is a narrative driven game developed by the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab for Elizabeth Lepensee, with a budget of $100,000. The game features stories from over 30 writers of native decent and is designed to teach players about indigenous culture and history, specifically the struggles faced during the 1890's  Allotment Acts.

I was responsible for the the design and prototyping of the game's hunting and fishing minigames, as well as QA work throughout the game's development. I also gained some experience working with game narrative, as I helped take the stories from the game's numerous writers and edit them for errors and inconsistencies in style or message.

When Rivers Were Trails

Roles: Designer, Writer

Team Size: 10

Development Time: May 2018 - May 2019

Platform: PC/Mac, Android/iOS


When Rivers Were Trails received the Adaptation award at Indiecade 2019.


Roles: Designer, Programmer

Team Size: 6

Development Time: September 2017 - October 2017

Platform: Windows/Mac


BOT is a 2D arcade-style bullet hell-like game where the player must remain powered for as long as they can by collecting energy orbs matching their color. The catch is, the player can't control their color and will switch every 10 seconds.

This game was a five week project made in MSU's Game Design and Development program. I was responsible for helping design the game's core loop and player abilities, as well as balancing the game's timed difficulty scaling.

Screenshot (65).png
Screenshot (64).png
About Me

About Me


I am a Game Designer and Programmer from Haslett, Michigan with professional game development experience from my time working at Michigan State University's Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab and Great Lakes Reality Labs. I graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Media and Information, as well as a minor in Game Design and Development and a minor in Computer Science. I currently work as a Game Designer at Great Lakes Reality Labs in Michigan.

As a designer I specialize in systems and level design, focusing on constructing unique gameplay and interactions that create a memorable experience for players. As a designer I also take pride in my willingness and ability to learn new skills to aid in the development process of my games, continually improving my programming skills as well as my skills with Autodesk Maya

I look forward to continuing to improve and to create new and exciting games.

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